15When you find yourself just looking, note it as ‘looking,’ (wordlessly). Don’t look for the mind separately; the mind is there with the object ‘knowing’ so try to know a lot of objects.When your awareness is very strong then because of the momentum
and the strength of your mind that momentum carries it along.en the wandering mind doesn’t come in. When the ‘momentum’
is not strong now and then you will experience wandering mind. Conversely, if awareness is good wandering mind won’t stay for long.Note continuously (wordlessly) but check for tension.Noting not continuously is rubbish!Focus your mind in a relaxed way not too much.If you are calm and concentrated but you are not alert, it’s not good.Stillness reflects your samadhi and at that time your mind is also working to be aware.You see the object clearly, distinctly, and then it’s good it is balanced. is is viriya.When the mind becomes stronger, it becomes able to go closer to the object-process, but you don’t try to force that energy. Let it happen naturally, you will find that you start seeing more detail.e present moment is our destination; our wish is to know what is happening now as it is.Every moment should be lived completely and whole-heartedly.Viriya is not force it is perseverance.Laziness often comes disguised as ‘exhaustion’ so do not let that mind go unnoticed. Relax and watch that lazy mind with interest.If there is wandering mind, just relax and watch it.Late at night if you feel very tired and painful don’t look at the pain, look at the mind until the pain goes away and then you can go on.



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