12311If you need to keep alert note two phenomena (objects). If two many objects come and hit the field of awareness and the mind cannot cope and gets agitated (seeing, hearing, bodily sensation) and you are experiencing loss of clarity, then try to limit the objects. Stay with one or two only.Can you see the observing mind arising and passing away?e only way to overcome Samsara and become liberated is to watch this mental and bodily process. rough and through.Keep your sila, purify your views. is is the only way.Why do you need more-so much knowledge? en you don’t really develop the emotional, spiritual, and psychological aspects.Self discovery-mindfulness: You learn more and more about yourself, about your mind and body, how they are related to each other, how everything affects your mind and body.You see, you hear, you touch, you smell , you taste, you think. It affects your body and mind. Every relationship with each other will affect your body and mind. Depending on how healthy that is, it will have an influence on the world around us.You have to carefully watch how you affect others in every way, whatever you do, whatever you say, how does that affect people and the surroundings?Also to get absorbed in something, any activity (watching the sunset) is a kind of meditation.Don’t create. If you create in Vipassana it is very dangerous.Be aware of the liking and enjoying mind when you are thinking.Look at the knowing of the mind experiencing mind objects and the knowing of the mind that is separate from mind objects. See the difference?

from – Contemplation of the Mind