789Note that ‘I am a better meditator than others’ mind, it’s very, very dangerous.Somebody walking, somebody talking, it is too noisy in here so many cars pass by, what shall I do? All sorts of thoughts come to your mind. So be aware of your thoughts coming in your mind, and that you are interpreting and commenting. Just know, that because of that sound there is feeling going on. When you become more aware of your reactions they become less and less.After awhile when you become aware that you interpret and react, interpreting and reacting stops.When we stop interpreting and reacting we experience something new: Not thinking.Just become aware of it. ings there stop having identity.So when you stop thinking you just come in touch with it. You can’t grasp at anything any more. It becomes slippery and vague and that is the way it should be actually.When you stop wandering, you can be aware of that thought, liking or not liking. It’s our interpretation, we are conditioned to like or dislike something. So it is our conditioning.e important thing is not to react too much. But don’t try to not react too much!So when you notice an odour, you are just aware of it, because of this odour there is this consciousness.So, object and sense base and consciousness. You can be aware of all three of them in your meditation, but to be aware of one is enough.When you change objects don’t think about them. It is the way the mind looks at experience that makes things better of worse.Joy is very close to interest, if you have interest, you have joy.Watch your greed and desire just as mental processes arising and passing away without backing anything up with an ‘I’.What we want is limitless, but what we need to be happy is very little.ere is not a ‘God creator’. is is not somebody’s creation, this is natural phenomena behaving the way they do because of cause and effect conditions.Watch that disappearing again and again, if you watch the passing away you develop sharper awareness.

from – Contemplation of the Mind


cWhen you are on retreat meditating, you are in the shade, in the coolness but you don’t realise it. Only when you go out in the heat of the sun do you see how beneficial, not boring, not hard it was in the shade, and how hard it is now in the sun.Don’t think, trying to find solutions for your ‘problems.’Relax, let the mind become clear and relaxed again and you will see clearly. at is the solution.If you are thinking, it’s not ‘as it is.’ You are creating something.In ultimate reality there are conceptual consequences i.e. if you kill somebody you will suffer the consequences of all kinds that come along with that action.In practice it takes thirty to forty-five days for samadhi to reach full developmentYour life is a reflection of your mind.What gives our life meaning is wisdom.You have to have the courage to live with just yourself.Watch how the kilesa arise constantly in the mind. e cittas are kusala (wholesome) or akusala (unwholesome) It’s not ‘Your’ kusala or ‘Your’ akusala.Whatever feels good or bad, as in seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and thinking and your state of mind are related and connected. Don’t overlook that relationship there.Never act with agitated and blurry mind. It will always cause you to do wrong.Develop equanimity towards all phenomena.Keep checking, is the mind pure, clean, or not? It is very important and useful to see the state of the mind clearly. If it is not pure, you must work to purify it.When sati-samadhi is not so strong and you look at the mind, the mind wanders. Meditation is not long and big. It’s moment-to-moment awareness.Who is meditating? A series of consciousness!Who is experiencing? Formations!Meditation is happening by itself, nobody does meditation.Watch out for the interpreter in the mind! You interpret, you react, you interpret, and you react!But if you don’t interpret you stop reacting. So keep doing that for a long time until you stop interpreting and reacting. en you see what’s really there.Wisdom is not you it is just a function of the mind.ere is a distinct space created between the object and the observing mind. at is the way things should be in practice.

from – Contemplation of the Mind

Growth is a process of trial and error.Life is a series of experiments until the day we die!Tension is excessive energy.Be in control and not controlled by the mind, don’t react, who’s the boss?!Attention moment to moment; see disappearing? Watch that thought-thinking, very closely but don’t get involved. What you see: Is it satisfactory? Is it controllable? Is it lasting? Is it atta?You will see all things, just stay in present moment.What’s important about defilements is to understand their nature, not to avoid them.Attitude: even if you go to a relaxed place, don’t stop trying.Attachment: watch that mind that says ‘I’ know so much.Note the interpreter, the explainer, the one who reacts, in the mind when these thoughts come just be aware of them and that you are interpreting (car sound, bird,) and they will go away gradually.If you don’t interpret, react and explain for a long time something strange happens again: It seems like you are not experiencing anything very well. Your experience is not very strong any more. is is normal.Don’t do any labelling, it’ll get in the way and slow you down. In Vipassana you can change object as long as you are aware, as long as you don’t think. It works on kanika samadhi.When you are meditating whatever is happening right now is your object of meditation. Be ready, be present, an object is always there.Do not expect what will happen next, do not try to create
 experience, or to make your meditation experience better, just be with whatever is happening completely. at’s the most important aspect of meditation.Be with whatever is.Meditating is very-very simple. Are you willing to be simple?Train yourself to be mindful of all six senses, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, body feeling and thought. (ought, as well as everything that arises in the mind is sensation).is consciousness is not a being. You are not creating it. It is happening because of the causes and conditions that you must have been able to observe by now.Consciousness is arising and passing away so quickly that we think that it’s always there, because it is the same type of consciousness.It is not the same consciousness, it’s the same type, of consciousness.e two things very different.After you practise for a long time and you become more and more mindful you can see a gap in between. You don’t experience solidity any more.

From – Contemplation of the Mind

BeWithBe With Whatever IsYou don’t select objects, just be there and aware. You don’t try to experience past experiences. You don’t try to get anywhere. Don’t encourage thinking, encourage seeing. You develop sharper awareness if you watch closely the passing away.Real happiness is not wanting anything.Don’t lie down too long it makes you lose your sharpness. If you have to rest maintain some mindfulness, keep sharp alert, awake and balanced. Do not encourage sleeping.If you get lazy, motivate yourself, self-motivation is very important.inking makes you lose awareness.Note ‘ego, wrong views, comparing, competing.’ Have no thoughts or words about what you are knowing. You already know.When meditating the mind is taking a rest from concepts. It gives no name to what is experiencing. It only knows what is happening directly without any thoughts.It is necessary to look and know the state of the mind. Know what you can experience directly. ere is no need to justify or stop what you are feeling.Don’t let memories affect you, or the present moment.If you want freedom from the process, (mind and body) you must see what the process is first. Do not depend on externals-material things for your peace of mind, depend only on your own mind .Do not think of thoughts or wandering mind as a disturbance. at is just another object.It’s not worth it getting upset about anything at all!When you meditate it is important to keep your mind on paramattha (movements, sensations of body and mind etc.)If you don’t, the mind can still become calm and concentrated but you cannot feel reality, you won’t be able to develop deep insight We Cannot directly experience concepts; only by experiencing
the quality (hardness, coldness, heat, softness, stiffness, pres sure, heaviness, tension, pain) we are experiencing directly without thinking about it.

From – Contemplation of the Mind

Learn Meditation

September 16, 2008

Meditation is a method of bringing peace and harmony into the hectic and confused lives of people. It is an effort to make life better by ensuring physical and mental well being. However, meditation bestows the best results when it is carried out voluntarily and is not a forced effort. It is possible to learn meditation from accomplished teachers, guides or even through books or audiovisual aids. It helps to have an open mind towards learning the techniques and the fundamentals of meditation.

In the book of Tantra, there are one hundred and twelve techniques mentioned that can be used to practice meditation. It is not necessary to be proficient in all or most of the techniques to gain the benefits of meditation. Meditators can choose the technique that they are most comfortable with and start practicing meditation immediately. A skillful teacher or guide becomes instrumental in helping the meditators, especially those who are beginners, to choose a suitable form of meditation according to their temperament and lifestyle. The chosen teacher or master then puts the meditators on the path of self-realization. The master guides the disciples and provides support to them whenever they find it difficult to stay on the path of meditation.

Meditators can choose from various popular as well as obscure methods of meditation, such as walking meditation or the more complex Kabbalah meditation. It is maintained by meditation experts that all paths lead to the same result that is attunement into the Self or enlightenment. It is advisable to choose a suitable type of meditation and then continue it for a considerable period of time to obtain any benefits. Meditation does not give instantaneous results because it is a gradual process. Meditators can see positive changes only after diligent and regular practice of the chosen techniques.

Initially, meditators may require putting aside a certain amount of time to practice meditation. However, after learning the techniques, meditators can incorporate the concept of meditation into all the actions of their daily lives.

By Eddie Tobey

The role of meditation in essence is to assist you in maintaining your mind and body. The power of our mind is often overlooked in Western Society where as in other parts of the world like Asia, they recognize the power of the mind to assist in healing your body. This meditation is one that you can use to simply help heal you body. I should note that it is not a substitute for other medical assistance, but should be used in conjunction with traditional medicine.

The first part of this meditation is to get you into the meditation position. For this meditation either the seated meditation position or sitting on a chair will be appropriate. I also recommend for this meditation that you use Baroque Style Meditation music played at 60 beats per minute as we want your brain to be in its optimum mode to help with the healing process.

Whilst you are seated make sure that your back is straight, shoulders straight and your head should be upright. This will ensure that you can breathe clearly through your nose. Begin the healing meditation with simple breathing meditation that is light breathing out through your nose. As you are doing this clear your mind of yours thoughts. Once you have got to the required state of relaxation it is now time to begin the Healing Meditation.

In your minds eye, open your mind to you being seated by a beautiful flowing stream with the most brilliant colors of green around you. You should feel the sun touching your face so gently. As your mind is opening your imagination you should feel the stress and pain in your body slowly sink away into the ground. As that tension and stress flows into the ground, you should feel renewed energy fill the void of that tension.

Now the healing can begin. As the tension and stress slips away and the new energy comes into your body, focus that energy on parts of your body that have been in pain or hurting. Feel the energy encapsulate those points of pain and the healing to begin. To help you further with the healing process, now put your feet into the stream. Feel the rushing water pass by and the tension flow away.

Continue this meditation till you feel refreshed and vibrant. When you come out of the meditation session spend a few minutes sitting on the flow or in the meditation position you chose and simply feel the renewed energy in your body. This meditation technique is worth doing at least once a week to help you renew the energy in your body.

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Meditation has been around for around two thousand years, it’s been a way of life for mankind. In fact every religion that is practiced by men uses some sort of meditation as a way of achieving a higher form of spiritual consciousness.

At first meditation was used by religious priests, for a while now even ordinary people have been employing meditation as a way to discover the several benefits that meditation offers.

Meditation isn’t hard in fact what it is really is the simple practice of concentrating and the intense focus on sounds, objects, ideas, breathing, action or even movement that will allow you to intensify perception, cut down on stress, ehance your relaxation, and gain a personal and spiritual growth.

When meditation was first out it originally was only practiced along with some sort of religious traditions to build your spiritual belief higher, but now it is used by several people to help relieve different stresses and pains.

Western medical practitioners are realizing that meditation has help people to cope with different health issues, so they are beginning to promote it to their patients more and more. In fact they have begun to use it along with medicines to help and relieve aches and pains for several people.

It is very interesting that medical clinics and even hospitals are starting to offer the practice of meditation as a method for several of their patients to improve their health. In fact meditation has begun to be used as a method of treatment of some diseases. Also it’s being used as a way of improving overall quality of life for people who are suffering with chronic, debilitating or even incurable illnesses.

Current health care application of meditation focuses on three particular approaches: transcendental meditation, relaxation response meditation and mindfulness meditation (also referred to as mindfulness-based stress reduction).

Meditation centers on the seven major chakras, which correspond to the body’s major endocrine glands, the power and of course the environment of the universe.

By practicing meditation for at least 30 minutes daily greatly contributes to the balanced and harmonious interdependent functions of the body’s major chakras with one another.

The energy flows from the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras while meditating your entire body’s biological, emotional and spiritual aspects will be equally nourished and balanced, while this is happening the physical, emotional, and spiritual toxins are cleansed from the body.

Since chakra meditation requires deep concentration the uninterrupted flow of energy into the body also gives a boost to the major chakras (and their corresponding endocrine counterparts).

A neat way to look at it is a turbocharger for your body, or even a catalytic converter that will gather outside energy and harness it and channel it out to the different parts of the body and the chakras.

And since these energy centers (chakras) are part of our body’s physical and metaphysical manifestations, their fine tuned performance affect our daily lives, directly or indirectly, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

You have several ways that you can practice the art of chakra meditation, but no matter how you go about doing the meditation you biggest step in the chakra meditation is to allow the state of focus to go and spread throughout the whole body.

Although results are not achievable in a short time, you will gradually realize that chakra meditation will eventually give you a different and more positive outlook in terms of your thought processes and in your perception and understanding of events and behaviors. Meditation; excellent benefits have been acknowledged as responsible for people having better lives, both physically and emotionally.

The most notable effect of chakra meditation is that a person’s ability to concentrate and awareness are greatly enhanced even only after a week. Imagine if you are performing chakra meditation for years!

Also other noted benefits of chakra meditation are heightened creativity, better resourcefulness because of better perception. Also another proven benefit of chakra meditation is people tend to sleep much better and deeper, thus they will awake more refreshed in the morning, and overall health will also benefit by getting deeper sleep.

If you practice daily chakra meditations you will also notice a great reduction in the level of stress in all areas of your life. Because you will have better control over your emotions and better patience

Generally, overall health and well-being is greatly improved when meditation becomes a part of your daily routine. It helps to lower blood pressure which in turn can help prevent strokes and heart disease. It can also help reduce the effect of stress on people who suffer from chronic illnesses.

Even if you are only able to practice meditation for half an hour a day you will be able to notice a more healthy and productive life.

By: Anne-Marie Laureaut