When you are on retreat meditating – part 2

November 11, 2008

789Note that ‘I am a better meditator than others’ mind, it’s very, very dangerous.Somebody walking, somebody talking, it is too noisy in here so many cars pass by, what shall I do? All sorts of thoughts come to your mind. So be aware of your thoughts coming in your mind, and that you are interpreting and commenting. Just know, that because of that sound there is feeling going on. When you become more aware of your reactions they become less and less.After awhile when you become aware that you interpret and react, interpreting and reacting stops.When we stop interpreting and reacting we experience something new: Not thinking.Just become aware of it. ings there stop having identity.So when you stop thinking you just come in touch with it. You can’t grasp at anything any more. It becomes slippery and vague and that is the way it should be actually.When you stop wandering, you can be aware of that thought, liking or not liking. It’s our interpretation, we are conditioned to like or dislike something. So it is our conditioning.e important thing is not to react too much. But don’t try to not react too much!So when you notice an odour, you are just aware of it, because of this odour there is this consciousness.So, object and sense base and consciousness. You can be aware of all three of them in your meditation, but to be aware of one is enough.When you change objects don’t think about them. It is the way the mind looks at experience that makes things better of worse.Joy is very close to interest, if you have interest, you have joy.Watch your greed and desire just as mental processes arising and passing away without backing anything up with an ‘I’.What we want is limitless, but what we need to be happy is very little.ere is not a ‘God creator’. is is not somebody’s creation, this is natural phenomena behaving the way they do because of cause and effect conditions.Watch that disappearing again and again, if you watch the passing away you develop sharper awareness.

from – Contemplation of the Mind


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