When you are on retreat meditating – part 1

November 10, 2008

cWhen you are on retreat meditating, you are in the shade, in the coolness but you don’t realise it. Only when you go out in the heat of the sun do you see how beneficial, not boring, not hard it was in the shade, and how hard it is now in the sun.Don’t think, trying to find solutions for your ‘problems.’Relax, let the mind become clear and relaxed again and you will see clearly. at is the solution.If you are thinking, it’s not ‘as it is.’ You are creating something.In ultimate reality there are conceptual consequences i.e. if you kill somebody you will suffer the consequences of all kinds that come along with that action.In practice it takes thirty to forty-five days for samadhi to reach full developmentYour life is a reflection of your mind.What gives our life meaning is wisdom.You have to have the courage to live with just yourself.Watch how the kilesa arise constantly in the mind. e cittas are kusala (wholesome) or akusala (unwholesome) It’s not ‘Your’ kusala or ‘Your’ akusala.Whatever feels good or bad, as in seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and thinking and your state of mind are related and connected. Don’t overlook that relationship there.Never act with agitated and blurry mind. It will always cause you to do wrong.Develop equanimity towards all phenomena.Keep checking, is the mind pure, clean, or not? It is very important and useful to see the state of the mind clearly. If it is not pure, you must work to purify it.When sati-samadhi is not so strong and you look at the mind, the mind wanders. Meditation is not long and big. It’s moment-to-moment awareness.Who is meditating? A series of consciousness!Who is experiencing? Formations!Meditation is happening by itself, nobody does meditation.Watch out for the interpreter in the mind! You interpret, you react, you interpret, and you react!But if you don’t interpret you stop reacting. So keep doing that for a long time until you stop interpreting and reacting. en you see what’s really there.Wisdom is not you it is just a function of the mind.ere is a distinct space created between the object and the observing mind. at is the way things should be in practice.

from – Contemplation of the Mind


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