Be With Whatever Is – Part 2

November 7, 2008

Growth is a process of trial and error.Life is a series of experiments until the day we die!Tension is excessive energy.Be in control and not controlled by the mind, don’t react, who’s the boss?!Attention moment to moment; see disappearing? Watch that thought-thinking, very closely but don’t get involved. What you see: Is it satisfactory? Is it controllable? Is it lasting? Is it atta?You will see all things, just stay in present moment.What’s important about defilements is to understand their nature, not to avoid them.Attitude: even if you go to a relaxed place, don’t stop trying.Attachment: watch that mind that says ‘I’ know so much.Note the interpreter, the explainer, the one who reacts, in the mind when these thoughts come just be aware of them and that you are interpreting (car sound, bird,) and they will go away gradually.If you don’t interpret, react and explain for a long time something strange happens again: It seems like you are not experiencing anything very well. Your experience is not very strong any more. is is normal.Don’t do any labelling, it’ll get in the way and slow you down. In Vipassana you can change object as long as you are aware, as long as you don’t think. It works on kanika samadhi.When you are meditating whatever is happening right now is your object of meditation. Be ready, be present, an object is always there.Do not expect what will happen next, do not try to create
 experience, or to make your meditation experience better, just be with whatever is happening completely. at’s the most important aspect of meditation.Be with whatever is.Meditating is very-very simple. Are you willing to be simple?Train yourself to be mindful of all six senses, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, body feeling and thought. (ought, as well as everything that arises in the mind is sensation).is consciousness is not a being. You are not creating it. It is happening because of the causes and conditions that you must have been able to observe by now.Consciousness is arising and passing away so quickly that we think that it’s always there, because it is the same type of consciousness.It is not the same consciousness, it’s the same type, of consciousness.e two things very different.After you practise for a long time and you become more and more mindful you can see a gap in between. You don’t experience solidity any more.

From – Contemplation of the Mind


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