Be With Whatever Is – Part 1

November 4, 2008

BeWithBe With Whatever IsYou don’t select objects, just be there and aware. You don’t try to experience past experiences. You don’t try to get anywhere. Don’t encourage thinking, encourage seeing. You develop sharper awareness if you watch closely the passing away.Real happiness is not wanting anything.Don’t lie down too long it makes you lose your sharpness. If you have to rest maintain some mindfulness, keep sharp alert, awake and balanced. Do not encourage sleeping.If you get lazy, motivate yourself, self-motivation is very important.inking makes you lose awareness.Note ‘ego, wrong views, comparing, competing.’ Have no thoughts or words about what you are knowing. You already know.When meditating the mind is taking a rest from concepts. It gives no name to what is experiencing. It only knows what is happening directly without any thoughts.It is necessary to look and know the state of the mind. Know what you can experience directly. ere is no need to justify or stop what you are feeling.Don’t let memories affect you, or the present moment.If you want freedom from the process, (mind and body) you must see what the process is first. Do not depend on externals-material things for your peace of mind, depend only on your own mind .Do not think of thoughts or wandering mind as a disturbance. at is just another object.It’s not worth it getting upset about anything at all!When you meditate it is important to keep your mind on paramattha (movements, sensations of body and mind etc.)If you don’t, the mind can still become calm and concentrated but you cannot feel reality, you won’t be able to develop deep insight We Cannot directly experience concepts; only by experiencing
the quality (hardness, coldness, heat, softness, stiffness, pres sure, heaviness, tension, pain) we are experiencing directly without thinking about it.

From – Contemplation of the Mind


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